Friday, February 11, 2011

Introducing A Time Management System For Avon Representatives

Time is the most unique resource an Avon Representative has. Each day every Avon Representative has the same amount of time. It can not be accumulated, replaced, and you can’t turn it on or off. Each one of us has to spend it in the rate of sixty seconds every minute.

To understand time as a resource we must first analysis it. And then plan it everyday. It is a personal process. We all have our own personal process and style. If you follow along with me I hope to start you on a path to living a life that’s more free. Free of stress, frustration and burnout.

I need help with my time management skills and have decided to do a series of posts on  a time management system for Avon Representatives. What I have found is this will also help with goal setting skills. I have done a post asking you to keep a record of your activities each day on Tuesday Feb. 1, 2011 called “What Are You Doing With Your Day Avon Representative. A Time Management Activity”. But on Monday Feb. 14, 2011 I will do a in depth with a post on keeping a time log.

The objects of these posts are for you and I to learn:
 To determine how you presently use time.

To make you aware of the portion of time you have control over.

To teach you how to make the most efficient use of your time.

To help you manage the time you can not control.

To teach you skills to make the most of your time.

To learn how to stop procrastination.

To effectively use lists and planners.
To effectively set priorities/goals and follow an action plan.

Time management is a subject that has been written about and taught over countless number of years. But the reality is time can not be managed. It is a misnomer and it progress at 60 seconds per minute, 60 minutes per hour and 24 hours per day. We all have to play by the same rules. You do not manage time, you mange yourself. The posts in this series will help you and I better manage ourselves and our Avon Representative’s businesses.

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