Sunday, March 13, 2011

What That Mad Avon Lady Is Doing In March 2011--Updated With 1 More Goal

It's the end of the Avon year and it's time to review your Avon Representative goals. I actually teach you should take 15 minutes a day to review and revise your goals. It's really easy to do this when you are making your to-do list for the day and updating your schedule. 

Remember business and personal goals should be relevant, have a call-to-action or step-by-step action plan of smaller goals to achieve the larger goal. You must give your goals a time frame to make them achievable. By setting goals you give yourself motivation to follow through and complete them.

In addition, goals need to be focused and consistent, make sure they do not contradict each other. Your goals should give you a clear statement on "who I am" and "what I can do".  Goals should reviewed everyday.

I have up-dated my goals below. I made head way on most of my goals. However, I never started commenting on other blogs, I guess due to the fact that I'm shy and feel unsure about what to say. And I have decided not to join Linkedin. I heard that it is best to focus on around 5 social media sites and I am using facebook, twitter, digg, reddit and stumbleupon.

I have not had a chance to fill out postcards and my friend/helper has not had a chance to do so either lately. I have gained only a few new customers. I plan to give my friend more incentive to fill them out for me and I will try to mail a 100 a week.

I am currently getting ready to launch 2 new blogs for business women, "Goal Setting for Business Women" and "Time Management for Smart Business Women," on April 15. I am also offering free coaching/consulting this week on this blog if any needs help with anything Avon, setting their goals and/or work on their time management skills.

Goals of Angie's Avon

Goal for The Year: Grow by 56% to achieve Honor Society by end of 4th quarter 2012 . 

3 Month Goals

Prospect for recruits to have a downline by tailgating with my upline.

Gain 1 to 2 customers every campaign/two weeks by mailing out a 100 postcards a each week.

Social Media Strategy Campaign

Actively use social media sites to drive customers/traffic to my Avon website to increase sells revenue, I will achieve this by developing new relationships and content.

Blog once a day for both of my Avon Representative blogs with a fresh mind to build content and show knowledge leadership.

Promote blogs by continuing to build links, use seo methods, submit posts as articles to free article directories, and submit blogs to blog directories and search engines.

Get repeat visitors to my websites and social media sites by networking and growing content.

Start to comment on other authoritative blogs and articles to foster relationship building.

Continue to work my plan to launch 2 new blogs on goal setting and time management for business women on April 15, 2001 by researching keywords and writing posts with seo consideration.

Offer free coaching/consulting to Avon Repesentatives and then businesswomen to see if I can help people and then begin to charge for my services.

Continue to write and submit articles that are insightful and show knowledge leadership. Going to outsource submitting of article since so cheap and they can submit to 100 article directories.

                      Offline Marketing 

Place What's New bags with books for each campaign on bulletin board at IGA every few days.

 Continue to give out free samples, trial sizes and "Try-Avon-On-Me" baggies.

Continue to put free and discounted magazines with my labels in waiting rooms of doctors, dentist, car dealerships, mechanics shops, ect.

Continue to send out birthday cards and thank you card with gift to give customers incentive to be a repeat buyer.

Fill out and mail 100 postcard/coupons a week.

This is a outline and will be reviewed and revised everyday.

What work have you done on your goals? What do you think of mine? Please comment below and let me know if and how your goals have changed? Also let me know if you made President club or a higher level.

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  1. I did reach President's Club which was my first Avon goal but also went on to make honor Society - I am now building my Team - really want to concentrate on this in the new Avon year and also on making Rose Circle - I would like and need to have 1500 in sales per campaign and would like to add 2 new team members each campaign as well - Please detail more on your postcards and try avon on me bags love your posts/blog thank you - Beth

  2. this is Beth sorry it signed me in as my friend Brenda :)

  3. That's great! I hope to make Honor Society and I also need to work on getting a downline. I've had a few people but they didn't work out and when my upline sent me a message I know it was time to try again. I will do a post on my direct mailing campaign and Try-Avon-On-Me Baggies. Thanks for the comment. I hope you make to Rose Circle, keep me up-dated I would love to hear.

  4. I have done the post on my postcard direct mail campaign and Avon baggies on my other Avon Representative blog Diary of a Mad Avon Lady. Go to see the post "What This Avon Representative Does For Direct Marketing."