Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What Are You Doing With Your Day Avon Representative? A Time Management Activity

Being a Avon Representative and having your own business can be a around the clock job, unless you can outsource work. When I started my blog, ‘Diary Of A Mad Avon Lady”, I want to start scheduling my time in order to see where I can improve my efforts and save time. I researched, found some information and devised an activity to see where I am spending my time. I am asking you to do this activity, and starting Monday I am doing a series of post on time management.

What A Avon Representative Needs To Do:

Determine how you spend a "typical" 24- hour day

Starting on monday, keep track of how much time you spend a on your activities. Write down your activities on paper and enter the hours or parts of hours next to them. Make sure it totals 24 hours!

Don't be worry if you have to go back and change time spent on each activity. Do this for each day for one week.

Be sure to look at a clock when are starting an activity and ending one, it might help to write down the time.

Here is a list of activities you may do in a day, add to the list if needed.

Social Media
Surfing Net (fun)
Family commitments
Personal care/grooming
Meal preparation/eating/clean-up

House Keeping
Transportation (school, work, etc.)
Relaxing/TV/video games, etc. (alone)
Socializing/entertainment (with friends)

At the end of the week:

Review how you spent each day. What did you find? Is there a pattern?

What I Found I Was Doing

I have found keeping track of your daily activities is an eye-opener and is allowing me to see where I am getting bored and losing interest. Instead of working, I am fooling around surfing the net. 

It is also showing how I can go for long periods of time working non-stop or go for long periods of time not being able to bring myself to work.


Try this exercise yourself for one week and let me know what you find.

Check back Feb. 14  for a series of posts on time management.

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