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A Avon Representative Daily Planner: 4 Steps To Using and 9 Ways To Use

This is the 9th post in the series on my Time Management System for Avon Representative. Today, I would like to tell you the 4 steps to using a daily planner and the 9 ways you can use it.
For a Avon Representative to forget appointments and tasks is only human. But if it is common occurrence you need to take some serious action. From a meeting with a downline prospect to missing your yearly check-up, if you miss one thing you may be in for dire consequences.

A Daily Organizer can save your life and your Avon Representative business. It is your personal secretary that will remind you of your scheduled meetings, appointments, projects and tasks.

An daily organizer always allows you be focused. You will not miss out on anything. And you will be in charge of your life.
How To Use A Daily Organizer (Book or Binder)
1. Determine if the organizer will fit your needs. The most used sections should be in the front for quick reference.

2. Color code entries with highlighters or makers. Use the different colors for different categories for example appointments (one for business and one for personal). This will allow you to look up items more easily and make sure everything gets done.
3. Keep entries short. Include event, date, time, and location. Any additional information should be kept on a post-it attached to the page.

4. Clean out you daily organizer daily and weekly. Post-it notes and other papers should only be keep in the organizers on a as need basis.

: Do Not Over Use Color Coding Or Post-it Notes. It Will Make Using A Daily Organizer Harder. 

There are many other ways you can use your daily organizer. Although, a Avon Representative must understand that it is only helpful if you put the information in the organizer.

Here is a list of some of the ways a Avon Representative can use a daily organizer to help them with time management:
1. To-do List: To keep them at hand and all in one place.

2. Expense Reports: A Avon Representative should keep a list of business expenses including lunches, gas, brochures, ect.

3. Password Organizer: If you keep your passwords here you need to keep the organizer in a safe place or with you at all times.


4. Address Book: Along with phone numbers you can keep a list of email ids.

5. Birthdays and Anniversaries: Family and friends will no longer be hurt because you didn’t remember their birthdays and anniversaries.

6. World Clocks: If you like to be in tune with different time zones through the world.

7. Calendar: Every good organizer has a calendar that you can use to schedule the what and when you have a appointment or task to do.
8. Password: There are many passwords in a Avon Representative’s live today and you can keep a list of them here. Once again remember to keep in a safe place.

9. Payment Details and Due Dates. Never miss a payment again and be forced to pay a late fee. Do Not! Put your account numbers in a organizer unless you keep it in a safe or with you at All Times.

As you can see, if a Avon Representative uses a daily organizer effectively, it will enable them to live a balanced and productive life.

Do You Use A Daily Planner Or Just Wing it? Do You See The Benefits Of Using A Daily Planner In Your Avon Representative business?

In the next post on the Time Management System for Avon Representatives I will ask you if you have set your goals. And give you 6 tips to staying on track to success.

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