Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Getting A Lot From Almost Nothing, Ways for Avon Representatives to Use Avon Trial Size Procducts

The customers of Avon Representatives will almost always buy an Avon product if given the trial-size for free. People love free stuff and they especially like the trial-size because they see it as a “large gift” and have more of the product to try then with a small sample.

People today are hesitant to spend their hard-earned money on something new, unless they receive a recommendation from a friend, family member or other trusted source. But if you offer them a product for free, two things happen; first they are allowed to test the product without any risk of fear and second a law of reciprocity kicks in, they will feel compelled to buy.

There are many ways to use this cost-effective way of letting Avon customers try an item. Avon Representatives should be on the look out for trial-size on sale in the brochures, flyers, and the outlet (you need to be giving your customers a outlet, they will be grateful to get the items for some cheap and will sometimes make a larger order).

I also look on eBay for Avon Representatives who having an going out of business sale. However, calculate the cost per each item before bidding.

When giving trial-sizes away try to give them to people who would most likely use the item, your target market. Then tell them they can get the large size from you and try to get contact information. Also remember to give any instructions for the product. And if you can, write down who got what samples to follow up later.

I am going to give away some trial sizes of Anew and a coupon in campaign 4. Doing this I hope you boost sales, find new customers through referrals and lower my costs of marketing and customer acquisition.

Ways to Use Trial-Sizes

Promote a product

Gift for large order

Give to most loyal customers

Welcome to Avon gifts for first order

Pass out when out about with business card

Gift for when customer gives a referral

Give to customer so they can give them to
friend or family to try and then get a referral

For you or customer to try a new product to be able to recommend it to others

Try this idea and let me know what happens, I would really like to hear.

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