Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Burnout For The Avon Lady

Job stress has had a dramatic increase over the last two decades. Burnout is especially high, it has been described as the erosion of the soul.

Burnout is a cross between helplessness and hopelessness, and a severe loss of motivation. Burnout can come about as the result of stress, low morale, poor working conditions, a bad boss, or simply having too much to do and not enough time to do it.
I haven’t been writing lately because I took off with so much steam on January 1 and experienced fast burnout. I had already searched for ways to deal with burnout when I was in my writing frenzy, since I was pretty sure it would happen to me.

I worked doing non-stop writing for about 6 days, that was when I first started this article, and now it has been 20 days. I was already experiencing the effects of burnout and had to slow down. I took a few self tests back then and they told me to be careful, I’m on my way to burn out. Soon after I went into full burnout, I became dizzy and light headed, and found I could not even bring myself to write.

I’m back now trying to get on a sensible schedule and I would like to present my findings to you.

Take a Self Test To See If You Have Burnout

Get Organized--Have control on day-to-day paper work and your schedule.

Make a List--In the morning list all the things you would like and need to do. Break tasks up into manageable segments. You can make lists for the week and month too. Also, start thinking in minutes--set goals for the next five minutes, or the next ten minutes, or the next hour. When you have a new goal every fifteen minutes, your day doesn't take eight hour chunks to go by, it goes by in thirty two installments of fifteen minutes. And that, perception-wise, moves faster 

Prioritize--Do the in things that must be done today first and then the things you want to do.

Schedule Time Off--Schedule 30 minutes everyday to take sometime for yourself to do what you want. Make this at a different times during your work day.

Know Your Stressors--What do you hate doing? Don’t procrastinate, do these things early. You will get a sense of satisfaction and will feel more energized to complete other tasks

Outsource--Find someone to do tasks for you, for example get kids to put labels on books or teach your mate how to take orders.

Say No--You don’t have to get everything done today.

Eliminate the Riff-Raff--If you find you have a few non-ideal clients and projects in the mix, consider cutting them loose. This will likely alleviate some stress and free up time for taking on more of the work you want.

Set Work Hours--Work certain hours, for example 9 to 5 or 11 to 7.

Take On a Different Project--Be open to taking on a different kind of project to add some variety. You might find a new skill and be able to expand your service offerings at the same time.

Go Out for a Drink--or shopping, socialize and unwind.

Blow Off Some Steam--Do this in middle of day when stressed,
workout, scream, punch a pillow – and take a deep breath before jumping back in.

Go Back to the Beginning--From time-to-time, it’s a good idea to revisit where you were before getting started on your own. What were your first goals? What kept you going? And then celebrate your accomplishments and acknowledge how far you’ve come.

Further Information With Ways To Combat Burnout

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