Sunday, January 2, 2011

Time Is A Tick On The Backs Of The American People

Making the most of your time is a valuable pursuit in people's lives. Like most Americans I do not have enough time in the day to get done everything I want. This is a really scary thought to me since I spent very little time sleeping. I was in a 12 year relationship and can not imagine being with someone right now while I am trying to get my writing and Avon Representative website going.

I stopped writing three years ago when that relationship ended. I lost a lot of the skill when it comes to producing massive amounts of work in a short period of time. Now I have to get back in the groove and do all other parts of my job. Plus have time for myself. I'm very happy spending all my time working towards my goals right now but if I don't watch it there will be burnout.

I have been concentrating on marketing for my Avon Representative website and have not been prospecting in my area. Now that I have some posts ready to go, I'm going to do some postcard for my direct mail campaign to find customers. I also ordered to many campaign 1 brochures and need to get then ready for tossing.

 I found some facts about 2011 for sales people on days to work and I'm a little worried. While I do not sell 5 days a week, I do take breaks for a few days. According to these numbers, if you want to make the most of your selling time there will be no down time.

Here are some facts for sales people about days you can sell if you work 5 days a week in 2011.

These are your quarterly sales days of opportunity for 2011
 --251 in all… give or take a few here and there depending on where you are.

Roughly 21 days per month. (Put like that, it seems like so few, doesn’t it?)

To lose only two each month to fatigue or a desire to wait for a better day to make the call, would be to lose more than a full month of sales days each year.

Protect your sales days like your money (because that’s what they are). 

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