Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Time Mangement Tip For A Avon Representative--Noticing Your Progress

Time Management Tip For A Avon Representative

Noticing Your Progress

     As you transform how you work through the Time Management System for Avon Representatives, some changes will be gradual. And you may not notice them. Don't measure the new feeling of progress as it happens. Focus on your feeling of order instead. Notice how you have time for the things you really enjoy doing.

Is there anything I need to make clear? What do you think of the Time Management System For Avon Representatives? Would it make a good ebook?

I have been looking at my stats for my Avon blogs and on "Diary of a Mad Avon Lady" my largest group of readers are in Hungary. What's a Avon business like in Hungary?

I have also noticed that all but 2 of those readers in Hungary are looking at this blog, therefore I am going to start putting links to my blogs at the bottom of the posts. Which I should have been doing.

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