Saturday, January 1, 2011

2:27am January 1, 2011 Day One

I have been working like a mad women, which is funny because I am the Mad Avon Lady. In the last 5 days I have slept 14 hours. Since the start of November 2010 I have been researching how to do internet marketing for my Avon Representative
website. I was already on facebook and right now I concentrating on blogging and researching when I'm not working my postcard/coupon direst mail campaign for Avon. You know, the company for women, or talking to my customer around town.

Right now it's the middle of the night on New Year's Day and I have been asking all the people with Avon in their names to be my friend. In the last 4 days I have gone from 68 friends on facebook to 189. And of course I am blogging, always researching. This is a lot of work, I want to do an interview with another Avon Representative who is doing social networking and see if they sleep. I can do this though I never sleep, never have.

I've only had one sale on my Avon Representative website since I started really trying. I wonder if this is bad. The experts say it takes time, like months to see any worthy results. Patience is what they say you need, I have never had any patience. I am enjoying myself, always love to research and write, just never made any money on it.

I went to Kent State and University of Cincinnati for political science but I never worked in that field. I was a private nanny and worked for Avon in Indianapolis in the early 21st century, stopped ...and started with Avon about a year ago. I made president club in October 2010 but I have only sold that because I buy so much for myself, so I'm actually out money. Really that's all I'm allowed to do, I get social security for being crazy. If I make income I'll be screwed.

I really want to get my life straight, I want to have an income dammit!! I will be 36 on the 26th of January and I have to think about my future.

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