Monday, January 3, 2011

4:20am Januay 8, 2011 Day 3 Talking To Yourself And The Sales Process

I am reading a few books right now on sales, marketing, motivation, organizing, personal and money tips, and working at home. Among other things. They have given me the inspiration to write a few posts. One is on the mindset or frame of mind, 'Are you the reason your not getting the sale'. My questions for the piece is "Do you think you are a great success, the best at getting the sale." "Do your customers love you?" When it comes to selling the Avon products I struggle with negative thoughts.

I am constantly talking myself out of selling. Books go out for a campaign every two weeks and still mine aren't out until we are almost a week into the campaign. This in turn makes me unconfident about the sale with all my customers. And the way to have a positive mind is to be confident.

The facts are "self-talk" is 150-300 word per minute. and it is thought that 40% of these messages in your mind are negative and self-critical. We all have negative thoughts, change what you think and you will be alright. Then forget about it and move on.

But I have a lot of trouble forgetting, I play messages in my head, not all the time, but when I go prospecting. I'm managing with the work I put in. I made president club in seven months on my one year anniversary of one year, and I don't have that much money to buy for my self.

So armed with this information, I got my books out on the second day of this campaign, and I plan to start to giving out business cards to everyone, putting brochures in "What's New" bags and hanging them on bulletin board, and I am going to start asking for referrals.

What do plan to start doing? Go to Diary of a Avon Lady for a list of 45 ideas.

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  1. This is the same place I found myself last year, have been selling for around two years. This year my attitude has changed and I too am determined to change my mind set and it has already begun to show the rewards. Thank you for your posts, I enjoy the knowledge you are sharing with others and may our productivity increase tremendously!