Monday, January 3, 2011

Things You Can To Further Your Learning Of Being An Avon Representative Or Small Business Owner

Learning is an on-going process that Avon Representatives and everyone for that matter should participate in. When we learn about a subject, anything from selling to Egypt, we are gaining knowledge that helps us to gain insight on our purpose and the way we want our career and our lives to go.

You do not need technical training to be good at business. Avon gives you a lot of help through their website and with the beauty of knowledge classes. This may be all you need, I have found I need to do more. In today's economy many people are not buying for themselves, therefore the more people we come into contact with them more we can get sales. 

I had an Avon Representative website when I first started and got rid of it because only my cousin and friend bought from it. I now realize to make money I will need to get the attention of more people by going on the Internet and running a full social media campaign separate from my offline efforts.

One of the reason that I'm good at marketing and sales, is the fact that I like to research and write on various subjects. There was a time before I became an Avon Representative that I went through the public library, section by section, and checked out books to help me further my knowledge to understand the world.

Another thing I do everyday is search the Internet for new information, and I print may of the writings I find to hard-copy and put them in a binder. I have gotten to the point where I can only print up the really important stuff because of the cost of ink. While I read them I take down notes, I have filled up several note books since I started two months ago. Although I do, you do not need to read everything on Internet or download every white paper. Keep up on daily news in your field.

I wrote a beginners blog to social media on my website Diary of a Avon Lady and it is making me understand the basics in a whole new way. When I write my research I put into my own words with my own examples. I come to have it ingrained in my mind, and can use it better.

There are a lot of people selling information on twitter to help you with marketing. I do not think I will ever buy any of these pages, there is plenty of information on the Internet that is free. With new information being posted all the time.

Plus, with these subjects there
are many tried and true methods, no need to fall for the offer of an idea that you can have a secret to selling no one else has. It more then likey you can find it through continuous research on the internet, in a book, and while networking with other business owners.

I also watch webinars on all aspects of business and have to give my phone number when I register or when I download a white paper from a site. I have had several calls from their sales staff to offer me their service. I usually don't answer the phone. One women called me 4 times a week over 3 weeks, using up time on my voice mail.

The last thing I do is search the internet for free workbooks. I have always love workbooks and download all I could find. You can search 'workbook' with the subject that you want to work with to find them on a specific subject. I found them on witing a business plan, sales training, delevoping marketing plan--one found was on social media strategy, and all kinds to help you.

I have made the declaration that I will learn something new everyday to lead me to be in the best position I can be in as a business woman and as an member of the human race.

Need help with your memory? When you are reading information try re-writing it in your own word. This will help ingrain the information into your brain.

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