Monday, January 3, 2011

Another Hard Lessons In Social Media

In order to social network you need to contribute a content of information. I have been doing this for four days and broke another rule of social networking and a rule of my own writing process. I have present bad work.

I decided to take it easy today and read my blog as a whole. I was stunned, there were so many mistakes. I am in the process of fixing it. I took a hard less in the fact that we can not rush time.

Children rush time and when they get to be a teenager we say they are "13 going on 21" years old. We all wanted to grow up fast because the adults always said "you have to be older to do that" about everything that is seemed interesting.

Anything that's worth having takes patience. You also can not rush perfection. I know I made these mistakes because I didn't proof-read enough. I struggle with proof-reading, my best work takes several days to complete. I have to go back with a fresh mind each day to see what I can do to make it the best. Also, I think faster then I type. I need to slow down my writing actions.

I vow to make my work the best it can be by proof-reading it for several days to make sure it is the best. There may not be a posting everyday. And That's OK, I don't need to produce massive amounts to be the best. 
Tonight I plan to work on my pieces that are published here and on Diary of a Mad Avon Lady, and not Avon. I am also going to write in word and then publish i on Blogger so I can find grammar errors.

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