Monday, January 3, 2011

Avon Representative Can Always Get The Prospect

Something I Learned About Sales

The rejection that we feel when we lose a sale is not something we have to put up with. I have compared the rejection to that felt when we are rejected in our social life. I think of the rejection I have felt from men and how that felt. I compare it to not getting a sale and it stuns me how I can compare the two. Compared to the rejection I have had in my social life, I think I really can do this Avon thing.

Maybe we can do some of the things we do when we are dating. Think of all of the times you felt rejection when looking for a life partner. And when you really think about it, that kind of rejection is hell. If you focus on the bad things your whole life will fall a part evidently. Positive thinking is not just for prospecting, it the key to life. When you think negatively it has an effect on emotional state, performance, and well-being.

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  1. Very good analogy. you are correct on how it feels like the same kind of rejection, i have noticed that what scares me the most about interacting with my customers and potential customers is the fear of feeling that rejection. You are very intelligent in your observations. I enjoy your blogs, please keep up the good work.