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The First Step In The Time Management System For Avon Representatives: Goal Setting

This is the 2nd article in the post series on a Time Management System for Avon Representatives. Here we cover the first step of effective time management: goal setting.

Being able to manage your time can have a huge impact on a Avon Representative’s work. Good time management means getting more done in your day. And a Avon Representatives has many areas to cover in their day between their Avon business, their family and the never ending search for private time. Following my Time Management System for Avon Representatives you will be able to earn more during the hours you choose to work.

Hopefully you started a time log and you are starting to have an idea of how you spend your time. Once you have an idea of when your most productive time of day is, block out 1 hour blocks during that time. Schedule all appointments and meetings in these blocks first. Then fill in with the most important work.

We can now move to the first step in my system, goal setting. Why is goal setting so important in the Time Management System for Avon Representatives? From the time management perspective, an Avon Representative’s life is a series of big and small choices, and decisions that have to be made.

You must be able to balance your time in the best possible way to achieve your goals. Most Avon Representatives fail at their goals because of lack of time. By planning, delegating, organizing and controlling at least 1 hour in your day you will create a effective time management system.

The Guide To Goal Setting

You can't achieve a goal unless you know what exactly a goal is. A goal is deciding what you want to get done and a plan to get the result you desire. Goals are active. Business goals follow the same rules as personal goals. They need to be relevant, have a call to action plan and be achievable.

Now is the time to create a Business Action Plan, which will provide your business with a direction to go in during the coming year. You should include a Vision Statement, a Mission Statement, and specific goals that will help you put your plan into action.

First you need to set your goals, the power of setting goals has the ability to motivate us. Your goals should be challenging in some way, and a Vision Statement is a good way to challenge yourself. It should provide inspiration for daily activities and contain your most crucial decisions.

Secondly, we must stay focused on our goals. Therefore, you should make goal setting a part of your everyday routine, this will increase your likelihood of achieving your goals. Lastly, we must keep our goals consistent, and we need to always be sure that our goals do not contradict or under mind each other.

Once you have your goals, you are in a better position to present yourself and your company to your customers and prospects. You can clearly state exactly "who I am" and "what I can do". And because you are now on a defined course, you will know what you need to accomplish.

In Addition

By setting goals on a daily basis, you decide what you want to accomplish. And then make an action or step by step plan to achieve goals. Setting good goals will raise your self-confidence. You will ultimately be able to tackle more difficult goals.

A Avon Representative must write their goals down on paper. The act of writing will focus you. And your dreams will be grounded into reality. Avon Representatives should also keep reworking their goals every night and keep them within arm’s reach during the day. To do this, review goals often and make a folder or binder labeled goals. The more you focus your goals, the faster you will achieve them.

In the next post for this blog, I will cover how to break goals down into smaller tasks and the importance of doing this in the Time Management System for Avon Representatives.

Share your comments on goal setting with me. What are you goals and what plans do you have in action to achieve them.


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