Sunday, April 10, 2011

5 Reasons For A Avon Representative To Learn The Skills In The Time Management System For Avon Representatives

This is the 7th post in the series on my Time Management System for Avon Representative. Today, I want to go back over and review the reasons it is important to learn time management skills so you can keep them in mind during this long series of posts.

Are you a Avon Representative that has a problem with time management? If you are, there are two main paths you can take. The first, and often most popular, is to continue on with your normal activities. However, when you do this you may have a negative impact on your personal and business lives. The second, is to make a change. This is what you are doing by reading these posts in my Time Management System for Avon Representatives.

To improve your time management skills, there are a number of different concepts to be learned: goal setting, to-do lists, limiting tasking, and prioritizing, just to name a few. As for why a Avon Representative should learn and practice proper time management, there are a number of reasons why. I will outline 5 here.

1. It Is Easy To Do

The concepts I am teaching are all easy and cost effective ways. For example, creating goals or a to-do lists for yourself is free of charge. Since it is easy for you to learn and practice proper time management techniques, why wouldn‘t you?

2. It Is Important To Your Personal Life

If you are a Avon Representative who regularly pays their bills late or don’t make contact with friends, you may be hurting your personal relationships. Often in many more ways than you could have ever imagined. Friends, spouses, and romantic partners are not likely to put up with your behavior for long.

3. It Is Important For Your Avon business

Poor time management will not only have a negative effect on your personal life, but your Avon business will suffer as well. If you can not properly manage your time, you may get easily distracted. This may result in you wasting the time that you need to be prospecting or selling. Doing this repeatedly and your pocket book will suffer.

4. You Can Only Benefit

Taking the time to learn and practice successful time management techniques can only benefit you, your work, and your personal relationships. Since I am giving the Time Management System for Avon Representatives to you for free, no money needs to be spent. You have nothing to lose. And everything to gain. Also, ask yourself “why not?” Why not improve your life with the learning and practicing of time management skills?

5. Look At What You Have

It is important to focus on the skills and tools you have when trying to learn and practice proper time management. Once again creating a to-do list or scheduling your day is easy and free to do. Alarm clocks and egg timers can also be used to help you control your use of your time. I’m sure you already have a traditional alarm. But remember: your cell phone, computer, and television may also come with alarm clocks as well.

Furthermore, there are a many other time management tools and techniques, which I will cover, that you can easily learn and practice from my Time Management System for Avon Representatives. All from the comfort of your own home. And more importantly, when you feel you have free time to learn about time.

Do these seem like good reasons to read these blog posts? Will you come back for more? Why or why not?

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