Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Avon Representative Can Establishing A Routine By Scheduling In The Time Management System For Avon Representatives

This is the 8th post in the series on my Time Management System for Avon Representatives. Today, I will discuss how scheduling your time will give you a routine which will make you more productive and effective.

So far in this series on a Time Management System for Avon Representatives we have looked at priorities and goals in the Eisenhower matrix of important, urgent. This method defines what you most aspire to do with your time. And what you need to do the most. Scheduling is where you take these aspirations and place them in the available time you have.
When scheduling your time you should look at the time available to you, and plan how you will use it to achieve the goals you have identified. By using a schedule properly, you can:

1. Understand what you can realistically achieve with your time.

2. Plan to make the best use of the time available.

3. Leave enough time for things you absolutely must do.

4. Preserve contingency time to handle 'the unexpected'.

5. Minimize stress by avoiding over-commitment to yourself and others.

Scheduling your time makes you more productive and reduces your stress. If you do not have enough time to do everything you want, you need to make priorities and schedule these tasks.

A calendar, like I use, a personal organizer or any other of the many devices you can use for time management will make sure you do the things that are most important.

Using a weekly schedule will also add value to your personal life and your Avon Representative business. Commit to a schedule and you will increase your effectiveness.

How To Schedule Time

1. Identify the time you have available to you for your Avon Representative business.

2. Put in the activities you must do. Fill in appointments and projects, such as labeling and tossing books.

3. Review your schedule and schedule in high priority activities. Allow 50% extra time for interruptions and emergencies that can not be avoided.

4. What you have left is the time you can choose to work on the lower priority items. You may find there are days you do not have any time for these activities.

The objection that many Avon Representatives make to scheduling is that it cuts into their freedom. While it is true it takes away from spontaneity, you are not a slave to time.

Don’t restrict yourself to a definition of freedom as “the ability to do what I want, when I want.” An Avon Representative can not hope to achieve their goals without discipline.

Some Guidelines To Follow

Be realistic when scheduling--A schedule is not a wish list, but a guide to help you plan your time. Don’t get discouraged and give up.

Be flexible in following your schedule--Sometimes you will be required to go outside of it.

Look at your schedule every week--Look over your schedule every week to see how well it’s working for you and how realistic it is. You may need to revise it.

A weekly schedule will allow you to maintain a sense of balance in your life. Creating a weekly schedule will let you have a rhythm. If you have a routine, you will more than likely remember appointments and projects by blocking out time periods. A weekly schedule will help you stay accountable to your short-term and long-term goals.

In the next in the series on my Time Management System for Avon Representatives. I will cover the importance of using a daily planner. And how to use it.

Is this post on how and why a Avon Representative should schedule their time a concept you will put into action? If not, why?

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