Monday, January 3, 2011

The Avon Lady Is Here

I know that many of you split your time between family and your Avon Representative business, that's great, you are taking advantage of all life has to offer. I, on the other hand, do not have a partner or children. However, the family I do live with wonder where I am and are trying to understand my goals. I do try to cook dinner for them every night. 

Since most of you have no time to look for this information and because of my passion for Avon, sales, and marketing, I have devoted myself to bring you Diary of a Mad Avon Lady with all the information I can find on Avon, sales, and outbound and inbound marketing. This blog, A Business Woman's Story is:

              to vent, tell stories, 
give updates, and share ideas. 

I am currently in a new place in my life, I lost everything when our house burnt down and I am now back, able to do things using all aspects of my life to help me be a successful business woman. In the end I hope to become a more rounded member of mankind.

I am passionate about my work and when I get that passion I run with it, taking it as far as I can go.

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