Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Time Mangement And Goal Setting Website For Avon Representatives

I tryed to put up the next post in my Time  Management System For Avon Representatives but it was all mess up. So I have decided to do a suggest to you a website on time management and goal setting. These are areas of great interest to me. I am launching 2 new blogs on March 15, 2011. One on goal setting and one on time management, both will be for business women.

 is a very informative site that cover many areas of time management including; Finding Time, Goal Setting, Critical Skills, Procrastination, Team Work and Much More.

On the page dedicated to Effective meeting basics they state:

       "An effective meeting is a business meeting that serves certain desired purposes in an optimal way. While meetings are among the core tools for making things happen in any organizations, they often consume too much time and resources."

This quote shows they cover the good and bad of the topic.

Look this site over and comment letting me know if it was helpful to you.

I would also like to give you a website where you can get blank templates to help you manage your time more effectively. I mentioned in my last post you should keep a folder or binder for your personal time management documents.

Links to my Time Management System for Avon Representatives.

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